Must Read Money Stories for Thursday, June 2

by June 2, 2016

MRMSUnfilled jobs

The Federal Reserve is seeing more positive signs in the U.S. economy. The Fed’s Beige Book report, released yesterday, says employers are having a hard time finding enough workers in nearly every part of the country. Even low-wage job openings are sitting unfilled in parts of the country, and that means employers are starting to increase wages to land the workers they need. Business Insider has the full text of the Beige Book report, so you can dig into the details.

Students’ prospects

The National Bureau of Economic Research published a “comprehensive” study on outcomes for students at for-profit colleges. The Atlantic summarizes the results, which show that many students leave for-profit college worse off than if they’d never gone at all. It doesn’t help that 60 percent of those students drop out before they finish their degree. That leaves them with a lot of debt, and not many job prospects.

Flint’s tap water

Wired magazine has a long profile of the researcher who set out to prove there was lead in Flint’s tap water. Marc Edwards was a mild-mannered college professor in Virginia when he first got a call from a mom in Flint, worried about the water in her home. Edwards had seen a lead crisis before in a city water supply, in Washington D.C. in the early 2000s. Worried about another crisis, he assembled a team of graduate students and set out for Flint last summer. It took months, but what they learned eventually made national headlines.

Rothblatt’s vision for the future

Here’s a little interview with a successful business executive who believes someday humans will store their consciousness online, and use 3D printers to make new bodies for themselves when their original body wears out. Martine Rothblatt is founder of Sirius XM, and was at one time the highest-paid female CEO in America. She sat down with Quartz to talk about her vision for the future.

Now Hiring” by flickr user “bluemaumau” CC license CC by 2.0.