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July 2016

Three regional economic business stories using BEA Data

The United States Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis provides national, international and even regional data. The regional economic accounts show the geographic distribution of U.S. economic activity. Below

Ken Teegardin Numbers And Finance

Business basics: Intangible asset accounting

Controversy with intangible asset accounting Many capital market participants are dissatisfied with intangible asset accounting. The crux of the issue: Intangible assets are the most valuable assets for many entities

Five industry economic business stories using BEA Data

The United States Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis provides data from the national level to the regional level, including industry-specific numbers. The industry economic accounts are usually used

Ken Teegardin Numbers And Finance

Property, plant and equipment (PPE): Covering financials

You can discover numerous business article topics by analyzing business activities, such as property, plant and equipment, then comparing your analysis with managers’ representations about the business. It isn’t unusual

Five story ideas on domestic manufacturing

More corporations are finding it makes sense to their bottom lines to keep manufacturing onshore versus outsourcing entire operations overseas. This blog explores five story ideas around the intriguing business


New ways for reporters to cover the gig economy

Technology has made it easier for workers to connect with side jobs and projects in the digital marketplace where employees and customers can request services on demand. The resulting gig economy remains

Ken Teegardin Numbers And Finance

New lease accounting standards

Articles Based on New Accounting Standards When the Financial Accounting Standards Board revises a standard, which they have been doing frequently, numerous potential business article topics result. Interest in FASB-standard-related

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More tips for building a winning business investigation

In this podcast, Glenn Hall, Executive Editor at the Washington Post, shares more tips for creating winning business investigations. He urges writers to break up long-form articles into short, easily digested pieces;

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