Must-Read Money Stories for Thursday, Nov. 17

by November 17, 2016
How can the U.S. get the most bang for the buck on infrastructure? (Image via Mariano Mantel on Flickr, CC by-NC-2.0)

How can the U.S. get the most bang for the buck on infrastructure? (Image via Mariano Mantel on Flickr, CC by-NC-2.0)

Bridge building

There are lots of stories out there this week about how deeply divided Americans are when it comes to politics. But the New York Times decided to look more closely at one topic Clinton and Trump actually agreed on: infrastructure spending. It’s a great data visualization piece, breaking down the specific types of infrastructure spending that could lead to the biggest economic returns.

Media cuts

More than 200 layoffs are coming to Univision. The Washington Post reports the media company known for its Spanish-language broadcast channel will mostly cut jobs at Fusion, its digital site. Meanwhile, in Detroit, Crain’s Detroit Business reports every journalist at the Detroit News has been offered a buyout. Local TV station WXYZ reports The Detroit Free Press is looking at a similar massive buyout for its editorial staff. CNNMoney says the cuts at Univision and elsewhere are “another reminder of the grim economic realities” facing newsrooms everywhere.

China ban

An advisory panel says Congress should vote to ban Chinese state-controlled companies from buying up U.S. firms, according to Reuters. The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission says China has been using its state-sponsored companies as an economic tool to build the country’s national security. The Commission wants an all-out ban to stop those companies or entities from buying American firms. Reuters says the recommendation isn’t binding.

Raising money

The Atlantic published a long Q&A with the former chief fundraiser for Princeton University. He gives the inside story of how he helped one of the country’s richest universities get richer, and offers tips for anyone hoping to raise funds for an institution.The conversation also gets into college affordability and whether rich private institutions such as Princeton should still get a tax exemption.

Tappan Zee Bridge” by flickr user Mariano Martel, CC license CC by-NC 2.0.