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January 2017

How to Localize Pharmaceutical Stories

The United States pharmaceutical industry is a global leader, responsible for over 40 percent of the industry’s worldwide revenue. And more Americans than ever are taking prescription drugs.   A


Getting Started on the Business of Water

Water, an increasingly dear commodity around the globe, offers a wide range of topics for business reporters. At their heart, water pollution, water system facilities and safe drinking water resources

Danger, business journalist, danger! Image by "diegoattorney" via pixabay CCO Public Domain.

Insider Trading and the Business Reporter

There is a little landmine hidden in the law just waiting to trap the unsuspecting business journalist. Jail could be the result. The law and journalism are so closely connected

Business journalists have instant access to an immense pool of data and resources. We've got 11 online tools to bookmark.

11 Top Online Tools for Business Journalists

  Tools, data, and other resources can help make your work faster, more accurate, and better. Here are 11 online tools (all with free versions) that are worth a look.

Absolute accuracy is the hallmark of a good journalist. The author suggests that fact-checking needs to be a part of the workflow. (Image "dart board" by Tero Vesalainen via pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

Reporter’s refresher: Fact-checking pointers

In the fast-paced digital newsroom it’s easy to forget one of the most critical basics  in our profession: fact-checking. The irony is that fact-checking in journalism—or sadly, the lack of—is

Valentine's Day offers some intriguing new trends for business reporters to dig into. ("Hearts" image by "Kaz" via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

Business Story Jump-start: 3 Valentine’s Day Trends

Third to only Christmas and Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day tops the charts of the year’s highest grossing holidays, clocking in at nearly $20 billion in consumer spending. Despite the money being

How to Cover Money logo

An introduction to financial statements

The How to Cover Money podcast is back! W.P. Carey School of Business professor Philip Drake and Bloomberg’s Tom Contiliano introduce business reporters to the art of reading financial statements. Jenna Miller hosts this

How to Localize Export Stories

Conversation about U.S. exports generally centers on large multinationals such as car manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. But according to the International Trade Administration, small exporting firms account for 98 percent of all exporting

The 2016 campaign shone a light on the U.S. Midwest, where a crop of business stories await investigation. (Farm image by "tafferdog" via pixabay)

Economic Hotspot: Midwest Business Stories

The 2016 election shone a spotlight on the Midwest, placing new emphasis on the region’s economy and changing political landscape. This blog outlines some of the core business stories and themes

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