Must-Read Money Stories for Thursday, Jan. 5

by January 5, 2017
CES 2017 is underway in Las Vegas (flickr photo by ETC-USC, CC by 2.0).

The Consumer Electronics Show 2017 is underway in Las Vegas. (flickr photo by ETC-USC, CC by 2.0)

Big cuts at Medium

Publishing platform Medium will lay off a third of its workforce and try to change its business model. Medium CEO Ev Williams announced the changes in a post on, what else, Medium. Williams says about 50 employees will lose their jobs in the restructuring. The company is still exploring what the new business model will look like, but it won’t be driven by ads, according to Williams. Re/code notes, despite the troubles, Medium was valued last year at $600 million.

CES 2017

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is going on in Las Vegas and, as usual, there’s a lot going on there, what with 4K televisions, self-driving cars and a new wave of drones. Here’s an overview from The Verge, plus the ongoing live blogs from The Verge, Re/code, CNET and Wired. Good luck sorting through it all.

Record auto sales

Speaking of huge conferences, the annual North American International Auto Show in Detroit is just around the corner. And auto execs could have reason to gloat this year: AutoNews reports 2016 was a record year for vehicle sales in the U.S. And it’s the second record-breaking year in a row.

Now hiring

If you, or anyone in your audience, is looking for work, 2017 could be a good year. But the International Business Times notes job prospects vary widely by city, so it really depends on where you live, or are willing to relocate. IBT’s conclusion: Head for Scottsdale, AZ, Tacoma, WA or Cape Coral, FL and avoid Fresno, CA, Cleveland and Detroit.

CES 2017_Samsung_Space Racing-preshow setup_Levy” by ETC-USC on flickr, CC by 2.0