Must-Read Money Stories for Tuesday, Jan. 17

by January 17, 2017
This guy, plus seven other guys together own as much as half the world's people. (image via flickr user Sam Churchill, CC by 2.0)

This fellow, plus seven other billionaires, together own as much as half of the world’s people. (Image via flickr user Sam Churchill, CC by 2.0)

Doing Davos

The annual World Economic Forum gets underway today in Davos, Switzerland. Bloomberg notes this year there is a massive gap between the views of the business elites at the meeting and what’s happening in the politics of the U.S. and Europe. Still, if you want to keep up anyway, the Wall Street Journal has ongoing updates. And the forum lists its full schedule and videos of sessions here.

Top 8

Speaking of global inequality, a report released yesterday finds that the world’s eight richest men have as much wealth as half the rest of the world’s population. The report, from Oxfam, was reported by many outlets yesterday, including the New York Times and International Business Times. For a fresh look at the findings and what Oxfam says should be done about inequality, go here.

American Dreaming

Chicago’s WBEZ spent a year inside a classroom to ask whether schools really can help kids achieve the American Dream. The hour-long radio documentary is also presented as a longform text piece with photos and illustration on the web. There’s a lot to chew on in here, but it’s well worth the time.

Men hold back

The New York Times Upshot blog found a study on why men don’t apply jobs in the nursing field. Get this: It’s because the job postings use words like “sympathetic,” “care” and “families.” The study suggests more men would pursue nursing positions if the job descriptions use language that isn’t “feminized.” Upshot notes that some of these jobs are in the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy. So maybe dudes could just get over it already and apply.

bill-gates-microsoft-2” by flickr user Sam Churchill, Creative Commons license CC by 2.0