Must-Read Money Stories for Tuesday, Feb. 7

by February 7, 2017
Tarot cards are fun, but Bloomberg has five charts that might be better at predicting what's next for the market. ("Tarot Spread 6 by Aquariun Insight via flickr, TKTKTK)

Tarot cards are fun, but Bloomberg has five charts that might be better at predicting what’s next for the market. (“Tarot Spread 6″ by Aquarian Insight via flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Signs of a slide 

The stock market has been riding high for quite a while, but there are signs things might be headed for a turn. Bloomberg delivers five charts that show the market may not be as healthy as it seems at the moment. Does that mean stocks will dive soon? Eh, who knows. But the charts are interesting.

Stopping a bullet

California is due to receive a $650 million grant for the federal government to help move along an ambitious bullet train plan. But the L.A. Times now reports the state’s leading Republican politicians are asking the Trump administration to cancel the grant. They cite cost overruns and a failure to attract private investment. The Times notes Trump himself has criticized the project, but his administration has also promised a massive increase in infrastructure spending, which presumably would include more rail projects. 

Emotional payoff

The Washington Post reports the website for 84 Lumber was overwhelmed with visitors after the company aired one of the most emotional and controversial ads of this year’s Super Bowl. The ad depicted a mother and daughter, both Spanish speakers, on a journey north through desert terrain. The commercial cut off before they reached their destination, but invited viewers to visit 84 Lumber’s website to see the rest. The Post reports viewers obliged. But will it help 84 Lumber’s actual business? Analysts say probably not. 

Falling in love with robots

If you like keeping up with news on how, or whether, automation will steal away human jobs, Recode has a hot take for you: We might actually need robots to take our jobs. The rationale, though speculative, is simple enough. The world’s population is aging rapidly, and that means there will be fewer people around to do work. But an aging population also means there will be more work to do, because many of us need care workers as we age. So the robots can help us out with that, according to Recode. 

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