Must-Read Money Stories for Thursday, Feb. 9

by February 9, 2017
Getting married? Like pizza? Put it on your wish list of wedding gifts. (Photo via

Getting married? Like pizza? Put it on your wish list of wedding gifts. (Photo via

More jobs

The New York Times reports that Intel is investing $7 billion to finish a factory in Arizona that will bring 3,000 jobs to the state. The computer chip manufacturer’s chief executive made the announcement Wednesday after a meeting with President Trump at the White House. Despite joining nearly 130 other companies in signing a legal brief that challenged the president’s executive order blocking the entry of refugees and immigrants from several predominantly Muslim countries, the company supports Trump’s plans to reduce corporate taxes and regulations.

Listen to the music

Looking to consolidate your online subscriptions? Now you can get your news and music together. New York Times Co. is working with Spotify Ltd. to give readers who purchase a one-year online subscription to The New York Times unlimited access to Spotify’s premium music streaming service as well. The deal is part of the Times’ lofty goal to reach 10 million digital subscribers, according to Bloomberg. It will cost subscribers $5 a week, which is a 20 percent discount on the price for an all-access digital subscription to the Times.

Whole Foods scales back

Market Watch reports Whole Foods Market Inc. will close nine stores and scale back expansion plans. Stores are set to close in Colorado and California, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Georgia and Chicago. Market Watch points out that Whole Foods has closed stores in the past but has never announced such a large number at one time. The natural-foods grocer saw potential to add more than 1,200 stores in the United States last year, but the company abandoned that goal on Wednesday as it continues to face numerous challenges.

You may eat the slice

Out with the fancy dinnerware, in with the…pizza? It might just be the newest trend in wedding gifts. Domino’s Pizza announced that it’s launching a wedding registry, according to the Detroit Free Press. The pizza chain will go up against traditional registry favorites in an effort to grab a piece of the $58-billion-plus wedding industry.

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