Reynolds Rewind: Memorial Day

by May 29, 2017
Memorial Day is a great opportunity to highlight several topics as a business reporter. (Photo via

Memorial Day is a great opportunity to highlight several topics as a business reporter. (Photo via

Today is Memorial Day, which means many Americans are enjoying a long weekend full of barbecuing and traveling. Chances are, however, your newsroom is still open. While you might not have the day off, you can still work on stories related to this day of remembrance.

Here’s a look back at a few posts related to Memorial Day topics.

Four Fresh Angles on Memorial Day Coverage

War and travel might be the two major story themes people think of on Memorial Day, but there are plenty of other business angles that come with the weekend. Don’t forget about business topics like retail—it’s a busy weekend for stores and restaurants. If you’re looking for Memorial Day story ideas, this is a great place to start.

Story Idea: How Retailers Use Weather Forecasts to Increase Sales

Want to go further with the retail angle? There’s no doubt beach-goers and picnickers kept a close watch on the weather forecast this weekend, but they’re not the only ones. Here’s a look at how important weather is for shop owners.

Story Ideas About Veterans in the Workplace

Memorial Day was originally created to honor those who died while serving in the armed forces, but nowadays many communities use the occasion to celebrate everyone who has served. Military veterans across the country are an important group to cover, especially when it comes to their contributions in the workplace. These story ideas can help get you started.

4 New Movie Theater Trends

With the extra day added to the weekend, Memorial Day can be a big boost for the movie industry. After celebrating with a barbecue, many families turn to the theater for some entertainment. Look up what big blockbusters are opening up this weekend and check out these trends at the movies.

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