Download Our New E-book: Survive and Thrive in a Shrinking Newsroom

by October 5, 2017
25 tips from reporter Amy Wu can help any reporter cope--even flourish--in the new media landscape.

In our new e-book, 25 tips from reporter Amy Wu can help any reporter cope with—even flourish in—the new media landscape.

Newspapers have undergone massive changes for more than a decade. Those changes affect everyone in the business, but reporters are particularly impacted. Producing quality journalism while adapting to the challenges of the digital age can frustrate even the nimblest reporter.

A voice from the trenches

Amy Wu knows all about it. As a reporter at one of the oldest newspapers in California, she has seen new business realities impact everything from the copy desk to the photography staff to the office space itself. Despite shrinking budgets and staffs she not only continues to pursue her beats, she has embraced the mandate to grow her audience in ways that didn’t exist early in her career.

We’ve compiled 25 of Wu’s best tips from her personal experience in our newest e-book, “Survive and Thrive in a Shrinking Newsroom.” They’re a combination of the basic rules every journalist should know (the importance of shoe-leather reporting) to advice on easy graphics tools that can enhance a story. Whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran reporter dealing with the new media landscape, there are bound to be lessons that can help you in the job. Click here to download a PDF.