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February 2018

Business angles for covering music festivals

Every year, it seems like event organizers and record labels put on more music festivals. Big ticket events like Coachella and Austin City Limits draw in thousands of visitors who

How to stop astroturfing by special interests

One of the covert ways that companies and PR firms affect coverage and influence the public is through astroturfing. Astroturf, as you probably know, is a type of artificial grass

Finding stories in corporate responsibility reports

Things a little dull on your beat? Try looking through some corporate social responsibility reports. Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, refers to the efforts companies make to act as, or

Covering the business of menstruation

Menstruation may be a taboo topic in some circles, but the companies selling tampons, pads and now even period panties know it’s a lucrative business—and there are multiple business angles for journalists

Covering the wacky world of pet services

Pets are big business. The American Pet Products Association estimates that U.S. pet owners spent $69.36 billion on their animals last year, including food, vet care and pet services like

Many Americans make savings one of their New Year's resolutions. This data should jump-start a business story. ("Attack of the Piggy banks" image by "Low Jianwei" via flickr, CC B Y 2.0)

3 stories for making financial resolutions that stick

Call it “bliss” economics. That’s one way to describe the attitude of most consumers surveyed by Fidelity Investments’ New Year Financial Survey for 2018. Approximately 76% predict they will be better

3 stories to report now on the new tax cuts

Many taxpayers saw an immediate increase in their paychecks after H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill, became law on January 1, 2018. But they may not be paying attention

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