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May 2018

The rise of retail health care

Last time you walked through the supermarket, you may have noticed that the pharmacy expanded with some sort of clinic. There are more doc-in-the-boxes in your neighborhoods too as urgent

3 more local story ideas on the new tax law

Taxes never sleep. While the time to file taxes has passed, and people have either received a refund or paid the government, the effects of the new tax cuts bill

new health and wealth data

Researching fraudulent organizations in health care

When Charles Piller, an investigative correspondent at Science magazine and contributing writer at Stat, started investigating Proove Biosciences, it was before the company sold off its assets as the CEO

Business angles for covering summer concerts

With summer approaching, today’s biggest stars like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, U2 and the Foo Fighters are gearing up to go on tour. The music industry is expected to bring in

9 facts on mining cryptocurrencies

In 2009 Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to hit the market. shows all of the existing cryptocurrencies today, with the most popular one, Bitcoin valued at the most. Ethereum,

Politics and the vaping industry

We explored the health risks of vaping and its increasing use among middle- and high-school age students in a post in late April. Since then, the story has taken a

What you should know about 3-D printing

Polymer-based 3-D printers have been around for a while, being made available at libraries for STEM projects and businesses for prototyping. But the technology is starting to find use as

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