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November 2018

Immigration Is Now Part of Your Beat

It used to be that immigration was considered fodder for political journalists. Or social issues journalists. Or maybe the reporters and editors who specialize in the topic. These days, it’s

Say Goodbye to that Fancy Marble Countertop

Here’s a business story that hits close to home. President Trump’s trade war with China has increased the prices of homebuilding and home renovation materials in the U.S. by 10%—and

Reporting on CEO Compensation

In a world still talking about income inequality, high CEO compensation can be a touchy point with consumers, politicians, and shareholders. And there are skyrocketing examples that hit the media

Identity Theft Is Growing Among Young Children

Identity theft among children under 17 is growing. In 2017, more than one million children were victims of identity theft or fraud, a recent 2018 report from Javelin Strategy &

Reporting on the Business of Campaign Literature

The midterms are finally here. Over the past few months, campaigns have handed out countless number of pamphlets and other forms of campaign material to encourage voters.  Campaign literature includes

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