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January 2019

Make safety first on your topic list

All business reporters learn to follow corporate financials and stock performance. But all that is just money, not the boundaries of a company’s interaction with its employees and the world.

How to report on the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal proposes investing in more green jobs and technology in hopes of combating climate change. The U.S. is one of of the top emitter of carbons, just

Here’s why oil is part of your beat

You might think that oil is the province of reporters covering the energy industry and its companies. Not at all. No matter what area you cover, oil has some important

A freelancer’s guide to collecting payments

One of the hard truths about freelancing is that some clients don’t often pay on time, if at all. And because there isn’t a payroll or human resources department to

Getting to the basics of blockchain

If anything has skated along on a pool of hype and general lack of understanding, it’s been blockchain. The technology gets touted as the answer to almost everything while also

For 2019, embrace #MeToo and look beyond it

This last year has been turbulent in many ways. One of them for business journalism has been learning far more about sexual harassment and gender discrimination than was generally done

Three smart strategies to report on rising inflation

The nation’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, raised its benchmark interest rate at its December 19th meeting for the fifth consecutive quarter in 2018, to a range of 2.25-2.50%. Consumers

The business of freelancing

If you want to freelance for a living rather than a hobby, it’s essential to treat it as a business. The tips below will help you get in the right

Alert readers to growing cellphone fraud scams

With millions of U.S. consumers using digital devices to pay bills and shop online, clever crooks have figured out a new scam: Stealing personal data to open up phony cellphone

rooftop pool in Los Angeles

Covering real estate tech

Tech startups are changing how home buyers, sellers and real estate agents interact. Companies called iBuyers (short for investment buyers) including Offerpad and Opendoor will now buy homes for cash

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