Reynolds Weekly: Friday, January 11, 2019

by January 11, 2019

Here’s how to localize this week’s business news. (Photo credit to Pixabay)

Innovative Vending Machines

An automated bread-making and baking machine will hit three grocery chains this year for a trial run, according to CNN Business.

The Wilkinson Baking Company says that its machine, Breadbot, can bake 10 loaves per hour. Although the making and baking process is automatic, the machine will request more ingredients if needed and the surfaces need to be wiped down at the end of the day. In addition, customers will have to slice their own bread.

On its website, the Wilkinson Baking Company says their machine is “specifically designed for grocery stores,” allowing customers to see where and how the bread is made.

This continues a trend of innovative vending machines in the U.S. Some allow users to pay through an app on their phones or with a credit card. Like Breadbot, other machines can make their own food, such as coffee, yogurt or pizza.

How to localize:

Are any of the grocery chains in your area going to test out Breadbot? Is it hitting the major outlets, such as Kroger and Michael’s?

What similar vending machines are in your area? Are they more popular than traditional ones?

First Woman to Lead CBS News  

The “48 Hours” senior executive producer will begin her new role as the CBS news division’s president this March.

The company announced that Susan Zirinsky will replace the current president, David Rhodes, on Sunday. (Rhodes also announced it on his Twitter.) Zirinsky has been with CBS News for 40 years and is one of the few women executives in network news stations, which includes Suzanne Scott of Fox News and Deborah Turness of NBC, though Turness departed in 2017.

Zirinsky says the #MeToo movement will play a key role in on how she operates CBS. The corporation has been plagued by scandals and executives’ departures. This includes the ousting of Leslie Moonves, accused of sexual harassment, and three others in the news department, namely anchor Charlie Rose.

How to localize:

How has CBS been doing in your area?

AOC’s Tax Proposal  

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal for a tax hike is causing controversy, particularly from the Republican Party.

In an interview on “60 Minutes” with Anderson Cooper, Ocasio-Cortez rallied for a “Green New Deal,” which includes stopping the usage of fossil fuels, providing “green jobs,” and increasing the production of green technology. To do so, Ocasio-Cortez proposed raising taxes to fund said technology in a tax plan, the opposite of proportional taxes.

Cooper called the idea “radical.” Ocasio-Cortez received backlash from social media, other politicians and conservative media, but clarified that she meant “70 percent *marginal* tax rate” on incomes starting at $10 million, not average American citizens. (Marginal tax rates apply to a portion of someone’s income, not all of it, according to Market Watch.)

“Taxes should respect a person’s station in life, including working people and parents,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a Tweet. She also said billionaire Warren Buffett pays a lower amount of taxes than his secretary, to which Buffett confirmed. (Buffett has been a long-time critic of the current taxation.)

This practice is currently in Sweden, albeit with nearly 70 percent taxes from salaries that exceed $79,000. Sweden’s employment rate and economic growth are higher than the U.S.’s, according to Bloomberg. Critics of the proposed tax hike, however, claim it reduces incentive to work and new investments.

How to localize?

Who will be affected by the proposal in your area? What is the public opinion, and what do the officials say?