Reynolds Weekly: Friday, January 18, 2019

by January 20, 2019

Looking for business stories to cover? We’ve taken recent headlines and put together a list of resources and angles you can use for your local coverage. (Photo by Pixabay user Christoph)

Climate Change Is Putting Wild Coffee Plants at Risk
A British botanist has found that 60 percent of wild coffee species are at risk of extinction in the wild due to deforestation and climate change. This has implications for the sustainability of the coffee industry.
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Coffee shortages could drive up costs and have a serious impact on local companies. Local, national, and international companies may also find ways to adapt. Reporting can include local businesses affected by any changes, as well as economists, industry experts, and other sources.

Keep up with coffee trends and resources from the National Coffee Association. The International Coffee Organization also publishes coffee market reports and other statistics and information.

Our drink-up tips on covering the coffee industry give instructions on how to use Census data to explore coffee shop sales, paid employees, coffee roasting, and other industry information. The Economic Census is released every five years.

Another place to look is our Reporter’s Primer to Covering Commodities, which discusses how to understand and report on future contracts and what they say about specific industries.

Office Spaces Sprouting Up Outdoors

There’s a new trend in urban office design: the outdoors. And we’re not just talking about potted plants or wooden furniture. Companies are now furnishing green outdoor areas, adding trees and terraces, planting roof gardens, and providing other outdoor amenities.

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As incorporating nature into office spaces increases, which local businesses are following suit? Interviewing people in all areas within local businesses–ranging from architects and landscapers to the team that makes these types of decisions, to the individuals that are working within the business can drive this trend home in your region.

It’s worth diving into the effects of the changes over time. Will more outdoor spaces improve worker morale in a way that can be quantified? Will it allow businesses to attract talent or improve retention? What will be the effect on the cost of rent?

Interview local architects, landscapers, and people within local businesses about the changes. This can also be tied into features on non-traditional work spaces in your area, including coworking spaces.

Finally, this type of story lends itself well to photojournalism, featuring the different outdoor campuses found around town.

Citigroup Pays Men 29 Percent More Than Women 

Citigroup released an equal pay report that showed that women were paid only 71 percent as much as their male colleagues. While wages are similar for individual positions, the report indicates that women are underrepresented in senior roles within the company.

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Localize the issue by interviewing Citigroup workers in your area. What is the gender breakdown of women in leadership roles (or higher-paid positions) in your region?

Put a face to the issue by profiling people within the company.What do workers think can be done to close the gap? What plans has management put in place to address the pay disparity ? Are there local programs to help women thrive in leadership positions in finance or other careers?

See our resources on reporting on the pay gap, using Bureau of Labor data and using Census data to report on women’s employment and the gender gap, helpful resources for gender equality stories, what business reporters should know about the gender pay gap, and follow-up ideas to consider.