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Millennials consume TV unlike any other generation, with plenty of implications for business. ("Old TV Set" image by Tomislav Medak via Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Millennials and Money: Television Trends

As a business journalist, it is always important to follow the money. Right now, millennials are the top economic influencers with a spending power of $200 billion annually. Industries from

Millennials and Money: Healthcare Trends

With a purchasing power of over $200 billion annually, millennials are more than economic influencers: They drive trends based on their spending. The healthcare industry is no exception. Here are

Millennials And Money: Why Cell Phones Are Fine

We told you about the Pew Research Center study showing that millennials have different attitudes toward mobile devices than older generations. Now, let’s look at why. The main reason millennials

Millennials And Money: Cell Phone Attitudes

Millennials may not remember a time before mobile phones, so it isn’t surprising their attitudes toward them are more relaxed than those of other generations. The Pew Research Center released

Millennials And Money: Univision’s Young Audience

Watching live television is a dwindling pastime for many Millennials, but that isn’t necessarily the case for Univision’s audience. During the May sweeps, 92 percent of Univision viewers were watching its prime time

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