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Mine proxy statements for executive pay and more

Proxy season, always fun for business writers, is an even richer source of stories this year due to changes in executive compensation reporting stemming from the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory overhaul

Curiosity is the wellspring of great journalism

Binyamin Appelbaum of The New York Times looks into another lending industry that doesn’t play by the same rules as traditional lenders: those who lend money to lawsuit plaintiffs. He

NPR finds debt collectors using Facebook

A new industry is benefiting from social media: debt collectors. According to Vanessa Romo’s segment for NPR’s All Things Considered, the practice is growing as more people put contact information

Last push for ‘no payments, same as cash’ deals

Coinciding with the implementation date of the new CARD rules is a deadline for retailers to start complying with federal regulations that cover installment-loan purchases. You know, those popular “no

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