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Many Americans make savings one of their New Year's resolutions. This data should jump-start a business story. ("Attack of the Piggy banks" image by "Low Jianwei" via flickr, CC B Y 2.0)

3 Stories for Making Financial Resolutions That Stick

Call it “bliss” economics. That’s one way to describe the attitude of most consumers surveyed by Fidelity Investments’ New Year Financial Survey for 2018. Approximately 76% predict they will be better

The footnotes in public companies' SEC filings are full of great leads for business journalists. (Wall Street Subway Station image by Michael Daddino via Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Finding Stories in Financial Filing Footnotes

As a business journalist, you know that the public financial filings of corporations are vital to your reporting. And you’re aware of the importance of digging through the footnotes in those documents. The material

Personal finances become top-of-mind in January. Here are the three big stories to report in 2018. (Image by QuinnthIslander via Pixabay, CCO Creative Commons)

Big Personal Finance Stories for 2018

Many personal finance experts recommend that consumers think about financial steps for the new year in the fourth quarter of the old year, but January gets many to focus. Here

Tips for Understanding an IPO Filing

Initial public offerings are big for investors—and big news for business journalists. Because of SEC regulations, once a company says that it is IPO bound, there is little to no

Business reporters can get up to speed on the indexes with this quick explainer.

Financial Market Reporting, Part 7: Indexes

Business reporters can get up to speed on market indexes with a backgrounder on the Dow and S&PIn my first Financial Market Reporting piece, I complained that many reporters make

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