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The 2016 campaign shone a light on the U.S. Midwest, where a crop of business stories await investigation. (Farm image by "tafferdog" via pixabay)

Economic Hotspot: Midwest Business Stories

The 2016 election shone a spotlight on the Midwest, placing new emphasis on the region’s economy and changing political landscape. This blog outlines some of the core business stories and themes

Finding Data on Exported Goods Through

The International Trade Administration provides reliable first-hand data for business journalists looking into trade affairs, which you can find at One of the most important tools found on the

Fashion businesses are leaders in the made-in-America manufacturing movement. (Image from "Whirligigtop" via Pixabay)

Fashion to Furniture, 4 Trends in Domestic Manufacturing

Growing numbers of American companies are seeing the virtues in re-shoring part or all of their operations. There are solid reasons. Americans like domestically made goods, and a growing appetite exists for

Under-explored Stories on the Minimum Wage Debate

Minimum wage increases are spreading across the U.S., with four more states including public referendums on the ballot this November. However, hidden beneath these gains are three surprising stories about

Finding New Stories in Domestic Manufacturing, Part 1

Domestic manufacturing has become an even bigger story as the national election looms. This blog outlines business stories to pursue on this timely topic. Explore innovative business investments In her economic

Three Regional Economic Business Stories Using BEA Data

The United States Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis provides national, international and even regional data. The regional economic accounts show the geographic distribution of U.S. economic activity. Below

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