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The trend of free tuition

Stanford University made education a lot more affordable for its middle-class students last week — by making it free. The elite school, whose alumni include Tiger Woods and Chelsea Clinton, announced students

Students seek loan forgiveness

Student loan debt now tops $1 trillion in the United States, and seems like an inescapable reality for many young people. Still, some are trying their best to get out

Reynolds Week: Advice for preparing young reporters

Journalism professors attending Reynolds Week got plenty of help to shape their syllabuses and offer the latest teaching techniques to their student. But they wound up the week with conversations

Businesses beyond retail gain back-to-school sales

It’s axiomatic that back-to-school season is good business for apparel and footwear sellers, purveyors of pencils and gadget suppliers. But for an interesting twist on the standard end-of-summer stories, how

Money Monday: Staving off student loan woes

As National Financial Literacy Month unfolds, we’re taking a look at story ideas pegged to various life stages. Next up, a look at money issues that are front and center

Use Form 990s to dig into non-profit connections

Anne Ryman of The Arizona Republic used Form 990 and independent audits to find business connections between charter schools and their board members. Those business deals aren’t illegal, but they

Back-to-school day spa packages, retail tie-ins

OK, you know that back-to-school promotions have reached absurdity levels when even casinos get in on the act. Yes, a recent direct-mail postcard from one of my area gambling parlors

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