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Energy & Sustainability

Airports, big energy users, look to solar power

Airports are big users of energy. They need power to run everything from runway lights to food concessions.  And that power is a big part of a facility’s budget. Two

Dropping oil prices pose difficulty for Russia

Oil prices have fallen 29 percent since June, according to Bloomberg News.  This may be welcome news for the developed world, but it creates a particularly difficult situation for Russia,

As smog increases, tourism to China drops

You’ve all seen the pictures, like this one, of smog enveloping Beijing and other cities in China. And you’ve heard stories about how smog affected the recent Beijing marathon, causing

Tampa Bay Times’ Ivan Penn on the energy beat

Ivan Penn, Tampa Bay Times reporter, started his journalism career as a TV weatherman—in elementary school for an in-house cable program. His father, an avid consumer of the news, inspired

Mainstreaming climate change: The issue of our age

Years ago, Gannett pioneered “mainstreaming” of minorities and others on the margins of conventional news coverage. For example, instead of having a minority business beat, newspapers should integrate minority owners,

Who gains when sub-zero temps hit?

It’ll take something pretty amazing to compete for headlines with the extreme weather outbreak ongoing this week across much of the United States.  When people are trying to make it

Covering California’s Cap-and-Trade Law

The free webinar, “California’s Cap-and-Trade Law — What You Need to Know,” took place Oct. 29, 2012. California’s cap-and-trade program to limit carbon emissions economywide kicks into high gear in

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