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End of David Letterman era

After 33 years hosting late night programs, David Letterman is signing off next week. He will be handing over the reigns of the CBS Late Show that he created to

What The Mindy Project’s cancellation means

Last week, Fox announced that it was canceling The Mindy Project, staring the comedienne Mindy Kaling, after just three seasons. It debuted to significant buzz in 2012, and drew plenty

Monetizing the Royal Baby

You probably heard the joyful news from London on Saturday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka William and Kate, welcomed a bouncing baby girl. Marketers were quick to welcome

Shonda Rhimes, career maker

Patrick Dempsey’s big exit from Grey’s Anatomy last week came as a shock, and many fans are still reeling and calling for his return. But, there’s no question that he’s more

Can long-running TV shows survive without their stars?

After 11 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey exited the show last week in truly dramatic fashion, shocking the long-time watchers of that series. This blindside hit fans hard, particularly since he

Predicting the biggest summer blockbusters

If you were a betting person (or a studio head) trying to figure out what would be the biggest movie blockbuster of summer 2015, the smart money would be on

Star Wars offers money angles

  If you were on the Internet yesterday, chances are you saw that the newest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens made its debut, delighting many dedicated fans. With

Why Nashville survives, despite mediocre ratings

Nashville, the ABC drama about the turbulent world of country music that airs on Wednesday nights, is the quintessential cult television show. It keeps surviving despite low ratings, and this

U2’s fall from grace

U2 is just a month away from embarking on its latest world tour, an event that its fans once might have eagerly anticipated. Unfortunately for the band, times have changed.

Economics of Game Of Thrones

Season 5 of Game of Thrones starts this Sunday, and HBO’s most popular television series ever has an ever-growing economic effect. Last year’s Season 4 finale pulled in monster ratings, when

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