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Reporter Todd Neff on going ‘Gonzo’

Todd Neff is a Colorado-based freelance journalist who frequently writes for the University of Colorado Health Insider, a 2,000-circulation newsletter that provides information about the Denver-based University of Colorado Hospital’s

What happens to the business of mammography?

Recent news of a study that casts doubt on the life-saving value of mammograms is a huge health science story — fueling more intense debate about the tests’ role in

Readers need details if their employer self-insures

AOL’s about-face on cuts to its 401(k) program raises some other interesting issues regarding employee privacy and employers that self-insure for the medical benefits they extend to workers. Self-insurance is

The multi-billion-dollar self-help industry

Before that fresh new-calendar feeling wears off, you might want to take time in this early part of the year to check up on the various practitioners in the self-improvement

Health dept stats track medical marijuana dollars

Oregon’s medicinal marijuana business is booming, according to an Oregonian story by Noelle Crombie. She writes that the state now has about 35,500 sites growing marijuana. She says large operations

Covering hospital finances: Challenges

Our popular business beat basics series is now available all in one place in ebook form for your convenience. Go here to download the Reynolds Center’s free ebook, Business Beat

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