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Twitter on phone

5 to follow: Government economic data on Twitter

Developing daily story ideas on the business beat isn’t always easy. But thanks to Twitter, finding stories and reliable data is a lot easier for today’s business reporters. Whether you’ve just set


Reporting on municipal contracts

Robust business stories often start with contracts, but what’s the connection between contracts and business stories? Contracts reveal the DNA of a project whether it be your local airport, public


How to find story ideas in municipal budgets

For reporters, budgets can be anything from boring to scary. They’re packed with numbers and technical words like “appropriation” “non-recurring expenditures” and “capital improvement,” also known as building roads and bridges.

City Hall

Good business stories start at City Hall

Business reporters are a rare bunch at local newspapers. Many papers no longer carry business sections, but this isn’t exactly new. As early as 2008, Columbia Journalism Review, CJR, noted

Steve Rhodes Vote Here

Money angles this election cycle

With the Iowa Caucuses now in the rearview mirror, and New Hampshire and other early primary state elections primed for extensive media coverage, business and economic reporters can look into topical


Money stories and gun control

This month, President Obama announced details of his executive order aimed at reducing gun violence after numerous accounts of mass shootings and growing national media attention. Here are some resources


10 government agencies to follow on Twitter

Government agencies offer great information, reports and official data. As a business journalist, or if you cover money in your beat, follow these federal agencies on Twitter for news and insight

Covering federal grants, loans, and awards

The U.S. government gives out billions of dollars every year in grants, loans, contracts and financial assistance. Using, you can see who is being awarded the money, how much,

Federal Prison

5 tips for covering money and prisons

The American prison system is rife with money stories. Here are five economic angles you can pursue to localize coverage of prisons and jails in your state or community. Note:

Boehner and McConnel

5 angles for a government shutdown

House Speaker John Boehner’s shock resignation last week may lessen the chance of a government shutdown, some observers suggest. On Monday, the U.S. Senate passed a temporary budget measure, sending

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