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Bad news for Airbnb in New York State

Millions of people have booked rooms around the world through Airbnb, the online site. But the attorney general of New York State raises some serious questions about Airbnb’s legality. According

When cities and suburbs blend together

We know that young people are flocking to cities. Now, they’re being followed by their parents, and other suburbanites. How will that change urban life? Urbanologists and sociologists call this

Who does the summer home sales bounce help?

With existing home sales for May posting their best gain since 2011, as USA Today reports, and this week’s new home sales report expected to show a modest increase, according

Assess vacation home market as season nears

Whether a lakeside cabin, desert ranch, riverside RV or beachfront cottage, owning the getaway home is many a consumer’s dream. And as summer draws near, a new spate of information

Two new studies will highlight who’s moving in U.S.

A couple of  my favorite annual corporate releases are coming out the first week of 2012:  the annual migration studies produced by large moving companies.  United Van Lines’ migration study is expected

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