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What you should know about GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went to effect on May 25th of this year, with companies scrambling to protect EU citizens’ data records and switching to user opt-in consent. Some

In the wake of database breaches, the debate on Social Security numbers is heating up. Here's how to report on it. (Image by "ComMkt" via Pixabay, CCO Creative Commons)

What journalists need to know about password managers

Password managers are an incredibly valuable tool for generating and storing complex passwords. They allow users to create unique words, phrases, or combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols, for each

two video game controllers

Covering the esports economy

Electronic sports (video gaming) is gaining popularity, and professional gaming is also a booming business. In fact, Esports intelligence company Newzoo predicts that the global esports economy will grow to $905.6 million

What to know about Industry 4.0

For a while now, it has seemed that progressing technology has put society one step closer to the next great transformation. These types of transformations are certainly taking shape when

9 facts on mining cryptocurrencies

In 2009 Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to hit the market. shows all of the existing cryptocurrencies today, with the most popular one, Bitcoin valued at the most. Ethereum,

What you should know about 3-D printing

Polymer-based 3-D printers have been around for a while, being made available at libraries for STEM projects and businesses for prototyping. But the technology is starting to find use as

Explaining cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that’s not tied to financial agencies, banks, governments, or other regulators. The integrity of transactions is protected by cryptography. Cryptocurrencies operate on the blockchain,

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