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Finding local tech stories

Technology has never been a more popular business topic, as cities across the country work to add tech jobs and attract technology companies to help bolster and diversify their post-recession

How businesses are using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality uses technology to superimpose a computer-generated image on the user’s view of the real world. Virtual reality immerses users in a computer-generated world. While the technologies are not

Robot advisors are gaining popularity with U.S. investors. ("Robot Pencil Sharpener" by "Kat" via Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Story idea: The rise of robo-advisors

On robo-advising platforms, algorithms manage investment portfolios with minimal human involvement, making advice accessible to investors with smaller balances (often the more you invest, the more personalized service you can

Smartphone images keep getting better. These tricks will make your photos rise to the top. (Image from "FirmBee" via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

Gear to sharpen your smartphone photography

Many reporters have turned their smartphones into complete media devices. They fit in a pocket and give you many of the capabilities of dedicated still and video cameras. But even the

How to access the web’s hidden riches

Information is the key to great reporting. You want data, insights and sources that inform your work and are also different from what readers see in every other story on

Explaining blockchain

It’s been said that the companies driving innovation and forging new trails in the tech world are not run by idealistic Stanford dropouts. The true digital pioneers are in the porn business.

Eye scans and fingerprints: Covering biometric authentication

As data hacks proliferate, financial institutions, government agencies and others are fighting back on multiple fronts. Many are piloting or implementing biometric authentication, using voice prints, facial recognition, eye scans

young couple sitting across the table from one another

Three online dating trends

As smartphone adoption rises, the mobile online dating business has continued to boom. In fact, IBISWorld reports that its annual revenue sits at $2 billion a year in the United

Business journalists have instant access to an immense pool of data and resources. We've got 11 online tools to bookmark.

11 top online tools for business journalists

Tools, data, and other resources can help make your work faster, more accurate, and better. Here are 11 online tools (all with free versions) that are worth a look.

Covering the world of chatbots

Chatbots, computer programs designed to converse with humans, can perform all sorts of activities. They can help users book a vacation, order a pizza, negotiate with Comcast or even communicate with POTUS. Instead

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