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Business Story Jump-start: 3 Online Dating Trends

As smartphone adoption rises, the mobile online dating business has continued to boom. In fact, IBISWorld reports that its annual revenue sits at $2 billion a year in the United

Business journalists have instant access to an immense pool of data and resources. We've got 11 online tools to bookmark.

11 Top Online Tools for Business Journalists

  Tools, data, and other resources can help make your work faster, more accurate, and better. Here are 11 online tools (all with free versions) that are worth a look.

Story Idea: Covering the World of Chatbots

Chatbots, computer programs designed to converse with humans, can perform all sorts of activities. They can help users book a vacation, order a pizza, negotiate with Comcast or even communicate with POTUS. Instead

Barlett and Steele Awards

How They Did It: “Testing Theranos”

Last week the 2016 Barlett & Steele Silver Award was given to “Testing Theranos,” the Wall Street Journal’s devastating investigation into startup Theranos. WSJ reporters discovered that the company’s ballyhooed blood test was seriously flawed,

Brandon Quester, founder of the Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting, believes data is the future of journalism.

Reporters and Data: 5 Questions for Brandon Quester

Brandon Quester is the founder and executive director of the Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting, a nonprofit media organization focused on data journalism and investigative reporting in the state of

Millennials And Money: Why Cell Phones Are Fine

We told you about the Pew Research Center study showing that millennials have different attitudes toward mobile devices than older generations. Now, let’s look at why. The main reason millennials

Millennials And Money: Cell Phone Attitudes

Millennials may not remember a time before mobile phones, so it isn’t surprising their attitudes toward them are more relaxed than those of other generations. The Pew Research Center released

Who To Follow On #FinanceTwitter

Twitter is incredibly helpful for journalists looking for up to the minute developments while covering a beat, but the amount of information coming down a feed can be overwhelming. Every now and then, however, someone finds a

Technology And Money: What Google Plans With Alphabet

Google surprised the tech and financial worlds on Monday when it announced plans to restructure under the new name Alphabet Inc. The move brought a mixture of praise and criticism, and earned comparison

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