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Get ready for a new airline fare: Basic Economy

To first class, business class, economy plus and plain old economy, add a new airfare terminology: basic economy. That might sound like an oxymoron, but the idea has been hovering

The big jobs boost from America’s airports

Nearly 500 U.S. commercial airports support 9.6 million jobs, create an annual payroll of $358 billion and produce an annual output of $1.1 trillion, according to a new report from

Now taking off: new runways

Runway construction is big business for the country’s airports, as both a driver of jobs and an economic impact.  Two cities recently opened new runways that both claim will be

Airport restaurants get a major upgrade

I’m of an age when I remember when airport eateries were utilitarian affairs, where you were lucky to get a snack bar, a generic fast-food joint and an unbranded, Soviet-style restaurant as

Who actually pays for airport WiFi?

Anyone who has traveled in the past year knows that WiFi in airports varies wildly. There are airports like Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport, which has very robust — and

The big economic story in Chicago’s ATC meltdown

This week, the big aviation meltdown that plagued Chicago is finally expected to end. But it turned the Midwest into a nightmare for the Federal Aviation Administration and exposed some

Covering manufacturing: Resources

American manufacturing is alive and if not well, at least an important part of the economy. Although political leaders from President Obama to Mitt Romney have made the revival of

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