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Freemium airport Wi-Fi: New norm

There’s a word you now need to know about wi-fi at the airport: freemium. These days, travelers expect Wi-Fi to be robust enough to handle their myriad devices — and

A growing force in the travel industry

Millennials — those born between 1980 and 2000 — are the force behind a major cultural shift in the United States. They’re a major focus of our coverage here at

Airport restaurants run by celebrity chefs

If you are of a certain age, you clearly remember the severe lack of food choices at airports. Your only choices were a generic “snack bar,” “fast food” places and

How much do airlines owe you for flight delays?

An American Airlines ticket counter at Orlando International Airport. Photo by Benet J. Wilson This week’s major snowstorm on the East Coast prompted airlines to cancel thousands of flights. It

Airlines find the money with ancillary revenues

Aviation consultancy Oliver Wyman this month released a major new report, Airline Economic Analysis. The report is chock full of data and observations about airline costs, revenues, margins, capacity and

How does holiday shopping help airports?

As a regular traveler, I’m impressed with how airports have stepped up their game when it comes to shopping. And, they have to.  As airlines continue to consolidate and cut

This Thanksgiving, find story ideas at the airport

With the Thanksgiving holiday season underway, airports are a great place to look for stories.  Most medium to large airports post their rules for the media on their websites. Their

The economic toll on former airline hubs

For the past few decades, airlines built up service at a variety of cities around the country. It wasn’t that the market required the flights. Instead, these cities were called

Airports, big energy users, look to solar power

Airports are big users of energy. They need power to run everything from runway lights to food concessions.  And that power is a big part of a facility’s budget. Two

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