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For some schools, summer is over

On the East Coast, public schools traditionally reopen the day after Labor Day. But across the South and West, many public schools started this week, and some even resumed classes

Reynolds Visiting Professors 2015

Reynolds announces 2016 visiting professors

The Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism is creating visiting business journalism professorships for 2016 at the University of Georgia and the University of North Texas. The Reynolds

The trend of free tuition

Stanford University made education a lot more affordable for its middle-class students last week — by making it free. The elite school, whose alumni include Tiger Woods and Chelsea Clinton, announced students

Reynolds Week: Advice for preparing young reporters

Journalism professors attending Reynolds Week got plenty of help to shape their syllabuses and offer the latest teaching techniques to their student. But they wound up the week with conversations

Businesses beyond retail gain back-to-school sales

It’s axiomatic that back-to-school season is good business for apparel and footwear sellers, purveyors of pencils and gadget suppliers. But for an interesting twist on the standard end-of-summer stories, how

Quick tips: Offbeat business stories

Maybe this column should be called “quirky tips” instead of “quick tips,” because I can’t resist sharing some of the interesting and offbeat jottings from my notebook.  Hopefully you can

Personal finance stories for low-income families

One of the biggest limitations and frustrations of mainstream personal finance reporting is that it often includes nothing helpful for the people who need help the most: the poor and low-income

Money Monday: Staving off student loan woes

As National Financial Literacy Month unfolds, we’re taking a look at story ideas pegged to various life stages. Next up, a look at money issues that are front and center

U.S. business school deans rank business media

Deans of 60 U.S. business schools rate Dow Jones, including The Wall Street Journal, as the highest quality providers of business and economic coverage in the U.S., followed closely by

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