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The big problem of wasting food

During his show “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday, HBO’s comedy news anchor John Oliver put the spotlight on a serious problem here in the United States: food waste. Despite the staggering statistics on hunger across

Subscription boxes take off

Subscription services are the talk of the gourmet food industry. Customers sign up for a box that arrives on a regular basis, packed with ingredients, recipes and tools. They’ve been

A snack is a meal

When I was growing up in Michigan, we regularly ate at the Bill Knapp’s chain. It featured home-style dishes like fried chicken, scalloped potatoes and chocolate cake, and its signs

A growing demand for organics

Over the past six years, the top 25 American food companies have lost $18 billion in market share, according to Fortune Magazine. Susan Schwallie, a market research expert with the

The big changes sweeping the food industry

Earlier this spring, Fortune Magazine looked at The War On Big Food. It noted that major packaged food companies lost $4 billion in market share alone in 2014, as shoppers

NoWait And dining technology

Like so many other things, technology is changing the way people dine out. From online ordering to sharing a photo of beautiful dish on social media, the way we enjoy what we

Bringing farm-to-table to the airport

Restaurants all over the world feature menus with ingredients grown by local purveyors. Now, travel  concessions operator Delaware North Companies has added its own twist to the farm to table

Is Amazon your next grocer?

Online retailer Amazon became an international powerhouse when it moved on from its bookstore roots and began shipping other things like electronics, clothing and even food from its online store. Now, Amazon is taking another

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Five tips for covering agriculture

From following commodity prices to food trends, there are many different aspects of the agriculture beat you’ll need to understand in order to best report on area farming. Here are our five

Avian Flu impacts supply, price

This year’s outbreak of Avian flu, also known as bird flu, may be the worst ever for American agriculture producers. There has been bird flu detected in the U.S. since

Craft Beers’ place in the stadium

Having a beer while watching the big game is about as traditional as it gets for sports fans in the United States. But it’s another area where millennials are bringing

Avocados move far beyond guacamole

Spring is here, and so are avocados. Far beyond their most recognizable use in guacamole, avocados are popping up in high-end restaurants, and on fast food menus. They’re turned into

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