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Small business

Covering local small business pivots

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many small businesses to rethink their business models. For some, that means moving their services online or switching to curbside pickup or delivery only. For

Localizing small business this holiday season

CNBC reports that major brands including Target, UPS, and Kohl’s plan to hire almost a quarter million (230,000) seasonal workers this year in preparation for the holiday shopping season. While retail

Covering the impact of tariffs on local businesses

As part of the United State’s ongoing trade war with China, the Trump administration instituted a 15 percent tariff on certain categories of Chinese imports, which went into effect in

Pouring out new ideas for bars and bartending

Every summer, there are new recommendations for local bars to try or cocktails to imbibe. Here are some new ways to look at bars and bartending. The daily routine Alcohol

Summertime — and the scamming is easy

Consumer scams are on the rise. In 2018, consumer scams surged 38% over the previous year, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).Consumers shelled out $1.48 billion to fraudsters, with nearly

A business reporter’s guide to zoning

Reporting on the changing landscape of your urban area requires a knowledge of zoning codes. Luckily, there are a variety of resources readily available to help business journalists start their

Kon Mari: A fresh angle on spring cleaning stories

Earlier this year, as Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo moved her popular KonMari method from best-selling book to Netflix sensation, donations poured into Goodwill and Salvation Army. With spring cleaning in

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