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March 2015

How to Cover Money Podcast

How to Cover Money, series 1, episode 10

The Reynolds Center podcast, How To Cover Money, has now officially completed its first season on iTunes. In each episode, co-host Mark Remillard and I looked at topics that are

Sports And Money: Big Bets On March Madness Brackets

The NCAA college men’s basketball tournament got underway on Thursday. Some of you may have already had your brackets blown. And, those victories by Butler and University of Alabama-Birmingham have cost

Airports Are After Your Shopping Dollars

As U.S. airlines have cut back their fleets and flights, airports across the country have taken a hit to their bottom lines. Those empty gates mean much less revenue, and

Sports And Money: Job Of A Baseball General Manager

In Major League Baseball and other professional sports, players and sometimes managers get the lion’s share of attention. General managers are less well known, although there are some exceptions, like

Busting myths about millennials in the workplace

We’ve written plenty of stories this year about millennials, and their attitudes toward money. But as millennials in the workplace begin to shape and make key business decisions, a new

Transportation And Money: Airline Passengers’ Dollars

This year, Congress is considering the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) reauthorization bill. The bill is important because it funds the agency charged with overseeing the nation’s aerospace system. The last

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