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Two Minute Tips

We’re living in a world of information overload and it’s not easy to remember every piece of information we come across and consume throughout our careers. Even experienced journalists can mess up and education isn’t only for students. Journalism is a craft and crafts need to be practiced. No matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement. 

Our two-minute tips will give you easily digestible information about a range of journalism topics to continuously improve your business reporting. One week we may give you tips on writing about the transportation industry and in another we may give you tips on negotiating your salary as a freelancer. No matter the topic, our tips can help your reporting and your career, no matter your beat.

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Help us guide what content we create by sending us your suggestions. Whether that be a specific topic area, such as the business of sports, media, or transportation, writing or interviewing tips, freelancing assistance, or something completely different we haven’t yet covered. We want to know what you want to know!

Writing tips

Make your business stories more mobile-friendly.

Finance tips

Understanding the alphabet soup of inflation indexes.

Freelancing tips

Interview checklist for journalists.