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March 2017

Amy Wu joins a panel of journalists who discuss the importance of local journalism. (Image courtesy Amy Wu)

Explaining Community News to Your Community

I was recently tapped by the Democratic Women of Monterey County (DWMC) to join their panel of community journalists on “Reporting in the Age of Trump.” I swiftly accepted the

Baseball-related tourism can be a robust business story. (Image by "MrsBrown" via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

Baseball Tourism: Business Story Ideas

As spring training swings into high gear, business reporters should look into baseball tourism. From youth travel teams to the majors, the game can have a significant impact on local

A rise in the interest rate can impact any consumer's wallet. (Image by "stevepb" via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

How to Localize Federal Rate Hikes

When Janet Yellen announced a quarter-percent raise in the Federal Reserve interest rate earlier in March, government bonds dipped while stocks ticked upward. The Fed is expected to make at least

Don't miss these red flags when read a company's financial reports. ("Red Flags" image by Rutger van Waveren via flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Four Common 10-K Red Flags

Public companies have many ways of making themselves look more stable and successful than might be the case. Pro-forma financial reports are one tactic that present a challenge to reporters. These reports

Bride and groom wearing Converse sneakers

Story Ideas: New Wedding Business Trends

As newlyweds and their guests gear up for the spring and summer wedding season, wedding planners and related businesses are also looking for creative ways to tap into this lucrative

There's more than one unemployment figure each month. Here's how to dig into the report. (Image by "pixel2013" via pixabay CCO Public Domain)

Jobs Number, Part 2: Digging In

Proper reporting of the monthly employment report takes work. Read the BLS analysis. Along with notes and footnotes, it will explain factors which may have influenced the report. Report on

The monthly jobs number is transparent, and a little tricky. (Image by "skeeze" via pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

Jobs Number, Part 1: Transparency and Trends

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its Employment Situation Report for February on March 10, showing a healthy 235,000 gain in payroll employment. Asked what President Trump thought about the numbers,

Options are one type of derivative, allowing investors to bet on the short-term movement of a stock. ("Alt Option Apple" image by "CJ SOrg" via flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Financial Market Reporting, Part 6: Derivatives

Defining derivatives and options Now we are going to discuss investment vehicles that are derived from others, appropriately called derivatives. Investors do not own the underlying asset, but bet on how

Live-tweeting an event engages your audience and increases visibility. (Image by "kropekk_pl" via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

How to use Twitter, part 2: Live tweeting

You’ve been covering a controversial event which should be coming to a head today. You’ve written the previews. You’re ready for the quick turn-around. But that’s the before and after. What

Watch Out! Pro-Forma Financial Reports

Financial statements and documents are a primary tool for the business reporter. Public companies registered in the U.S. must report all manners of their operations and actions because securities regulations

Covering E-commerce Trends: Online Mattress Retailers

  The mattress industry is facing new competition in the age of e-commerce: online mattress stores. Although reports differ on how online mattress retailers are stacking up against brick-and-mortar stores,

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