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Vegas wedding

Wedding bells ring, vendors say cha-ching as wedding season blooms

It’s the peak of springtime and that ringing sound you hear is the peal of wedding bells – and the cha-ching of revenue echoing in the daydreams of wedding industry vendors.  Add to the mix the imminent marriage mania surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s vows, along with more Federal court victories for gay marriage, […]

The earth

Mainstreaming climate change: The most important issue of our age

Years ago, Gannett pioneered “mainstreaming” of minorities and others on the margins of conventional news coverage. For example, instead of having a minority business beat, newspapers should integrate minority owners, workers, customers, analysts and other experts into as many stories as possible. The term has probably fallen aside but the idea is still a good […]

Telecommuting Dad

From tax tips to fuel savings: Pros and cons of telecommuting

One of the weather-related stories I found intriguing over the past couple of months was the emergency telecommuting that had to be done; I figured even employers reluctant to allow working from home were forced to as slick roads and storms kept employees off the roads. Well, we have another reason to address telework trends […]

coal ash dirty hand

How widespread are coal ash dumps and who’s working to prevent spills?

News has been coming thick and fast the last few weeks, so you might have missed the uproar over the coal ash spill in North Carolina.  According to the Raleigh News & Observer, coal ash – a byproduct of burning coal for energy production – escaped from a Duke Energy storage facility on Feb. 2 […]

CES 2013 demonstration

Annual CES show serves up story ideas far beyond Las Vegas

In addition to “Auld Lang Syne,” the Rose Bowl and diet resolutions, one of the rituals of early January is the big gadget convention in Las Vegas produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The International CES (formerly known as the “Consumer Electronics Show”) is a four-day extravaganza of new product launches, hundreds of speeches […]

gift cards

Holiday quicktips: Seasonal trash, the economy, and other tie-ins

The reindeer seem to be in overdrive this year, and Christmas Eve is approaching at what seems to be warp speed.  Still, there is plenty of time left in the next couple of weeks for interesting and informative holiday-driven business features.  Here’s a stocking full of ideas: Performers.  My inboxes, snail and electronic, have been […]

Pizza with lots of cheese

Dear Reader: The farm bill, pizza and you

Editorials from the heartland are growing increasingly pessimistic about the prospects of farm billpassage before Congress decamps for holiday break.   And with the giant omnibus law back in the headlines — including the specter of $7/gallon milk, if the bill’s expiration automatically makes an old law kick in — you might want to dig around […]

Poinsettia tree

Spotlight holiday horticulture for a fresh seasonal story

As we wait for Congress to return from vacation and take up the stalled farm bill — or perhaps pass an extension – there’s another aspect of agriculture that, aside from Christmas trees, often gets overlooked this time of year:  plants and flowers for seasonal décor. Live or real Christmas trees still are a $1 […]

Surviving Christmas

From ‘buy nothing’ to retro toys: Contrarian Christmas movement

Fourth-quarter sales at retailers, and consumer spending on other goods and services like holiday feasts and travel, are important components of the economy and legitimate stories for business writers. But every once in a while you get that contrarian urge to rustle up something a bit different.   So with the annual shopping and consumption frenzy […]