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5Qs: CNN's Guillermo Arduino on the tech sector and today's economy

5Qs: CNN’s Guillermo Arduino on the tech sector and today’s economy

By on Oct 06, 2014

Guillermo Arduino, an anchor for CNN en Espanol, believes that “the future belongs to the ones in the know.” He says  more information and perspective about a subject will lead one to take better decisions. Arduino, who grew up as an Argentinian and Italian citizen, attended Instituto Superior de Ensenanza de Radiodifusion (ISER) and Instituto […]

Matt Levine in his NPR Planet Money T-shirt.

Bloomberg View’s Matt Levine on being a financial columnist

People may not trust a banker. They also may not trust journalists. But a banker-turned-journalist?  Now he may be a little more trustworthy. Matt Levine, Bloomberg View’s Wall Street columnist, believes his readers have a certain level of trust in him because of his former banking experience. His previous career at Goldman Sachs prepared him […]

Sonari Glinton NPR

NPR’s Sonari Glinton on being real for radio

Sonari R. Glinton was searching for a job after a company he was with laid off employees following 9/11. He and his colleagues were offered help with their resumes as they looked for new jobs. One work session involved creating a dream board of jobs they thought they’d like. Glinton’s board contained words like “literary, […]

Brahm Resnik 12News anchor

Channel 12’s Brahm Resnik shares broadcast reporting advice

Brahm Resnik was really leaning toward medical school as he was deciding where to attend college. Although he had majored in health sciences at CEGEP (part of the Quebec community college system), he chose not to pursue that field. “Even though I had an aptitude for the sciences, my love was journalism,” Resnik said. He […]

hand and water hose, Bloomberg headline: California Water Prices Soard

Parched: Drought issues ripple out to consumers, growers, small businesses

With dry conditions or outright drought  plaguing a significant section of the United States,  it beats me why TV weather people still pull gloomy faces when they’re reporting impending storms;  you’d think they would be leading the dance of joy. Financial writers know that water issues – from crop hydration to the marketing of bottled […]

Washington Post watchdog Michael Sallah on shoe leather, coyote runs

Washington Post watchdog Michael Sallah on shoe leather, coyote runs

Michael Sallah enrolled in two journalism courses fall quarter of his freshman year at University of Toledo. It was love at first sight. “I just went bonkers. I fell in love with it. I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do,” Sallah said. Sallah also caught the journalism fervor that lingered from the post-Watergate […]

Katherine Eban black and white investigative reporter

Fortune’s Katherine Eban gives advice on digging deep into business

Katherine Eban grew up wanting to be a writer, but not a journalist. Yet fate had a different plan for the now Fortune Magazine contributor. While working as a policy analyst for the New York City Public Advocate, Eban began doing investigative reports for him on various issues. The reports ended up on the front […]

Todd Neff health and science writer

Reporter Todd Neff on going ‘Gonzo’ with a piece on marijuana

Todd Neff is a Colorado-based freelance journalist who frequently writes for the University of Colorado Health Insider, a 2,000-circulation newsletter that provides information about the Denver-based University of Colorado Hospital’s operations for employees and faculty. While writing for the UCH Insider, Neff happened across a story that fascinated him. CU Toxicology, a spinoff lab within […]

Tampa Bay Times' Ivan Penn on bringing power to the energy beat

Tampa Bay Times’ Ivan Penn on bringing power to the energy beat

Ivan Penn, Tampa Bay Times reporter, started his journalism career as a TV weatherman—in elementary school for an in-house cable program. His father, an avid consumer of the news, inspired him to pursue journalism. “I was overwhelmed with news, so the Freudian piece of that would probably be that I was trying to get some […]