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Meet the

Reynolds Center Staff

At The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism, our staff is instrumental in accomplishing our mission of providing journalists with training in order to improve the quality of media coverage on business and the economy. We seek out talented individuals with new and fresh perspectives and are always striving to be a better center and put out the best content for other journalists to learn from.

Jeffrey Timmermans has more than two decades of experience as a financial journalist and journalism educator.

He has worked as a reporter in Tokyo for The Wall Street Journal and as a managing editor for Dow Jones Newswires in Hong Kong and Singapore. He also worked for Bain & Company, leading the global strategy consulting firm’s public-relations efforts in Asia.

Timmermans joined ASU Cronkite in 2021 from The University of Hong Kong (HKU), where he served for more than 10 years as the director of HKU’s undergraduate journalism program and was an elected member of HKU Senate. In that time, Timmermans developed a comprehensive postgraduate business-journalism curriculum widely considered the best in Asia and taught news reporting and economics to undergraduates. He also founded a successful media consulting firm with multinational clients including JPMorganChase, Credit Suisse, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx), CBRE, and Bank of America-Merrill Lynch.

He is married with one exceptionally precocious daughter and is proud to be a Sun Devil with Lion Rock spirit.

Picture of Julianne Culey

Julianne Culey

Assistant Director

Originally from Michigan, Julianne received a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Marketing with a minor in Women’s Studies from Central Michigan University and promptly moved to Phoenix upon graduation to get out of the cold.

Julianne then completed her Master’s of Arts in Sociology at Arizona State University with an emphasis in feminist theory and studies. She credits her drive and determination to her mother who always insisted she could do anything her brother could and has focused her efforts on women’s rights, inclusion, and representation.

This led her to become the Marketing Coordinator at ASU’s Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology where she was able to assist the center promote its research and programming initiatives through the state. After 8 years of living in Phoenix, Julianne considers Arizona to be her home and wants to do her part in creating a more inclusive environment for other girls and women in the state that continuously encourages them to help shape their future and looks forward to continuing that work with the Reynolds Center.

Picture of Aryn Kodet

Aryn Kodet

Communications Specialist

Aryn Kodet is responsible for managing The Reynolds Center’s social-media strategy and outreach to the broader community of business journalism professionals.

Born and raised in Arizona, Aryn Kodet is a graduate of Arizona State University and Barrett, The Honors College, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

During her time as an undergraduate student, Aryn completed her honors thesis on the interdisciplinary nature of identity, exploring the unique approaches different disciplines take when attempting to research and define it as a concept, each offering a piece of the larger picture.

This interest in the overall concept and application of identity has guided Aryn’s professional career, where she has worked as a Creative Specialist in an agency setting to create brand identities and content strategies for small- to mid-sized businesses across the United States, developing their online presence through social media and website development.

As a first-generation college graduate, Aryn is passionate about education as a whole, believing the opportunity and new perspectives it can provide are invaluable for both individual and societal growth. In her position with The Reynolds Center, she hopes to contribute to making information and opportunity more accessible for others, thereby helping make the world a more inclusive space one step at a time.

Picture of Ananya Bhargava

Ananya Bhargava

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Ananya Bhargava is a Junior at Arizona State University, pursuing a bachelor’s in Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications with a certificate in Leadership in Business and a minor in Public Relations and Strategic Communication.

She loves to learn, challenge herself, and pursue goals that allow her to contribute meaningfully to her community. This passion for growth and contribution manifests in her current on-campus roles as a Math Tutor and WPC 101 facilitator, where she cultivates an engaging and comfortable learning environment for first-year students to thrive. She also serves as the VP of Social Events for the Women’s Business Leadership Association (WBLA), where she plans and executes events that enhance networking opportunities among members.

Ananya is passionate about a wide range of societal issues, such as gender equality, the effects of fast fashion on the environment and laborers, corporate accountability in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), diverse representation in mainstream entertainment, and affordable access to education. At the Reynolds Center, she aims to harness the power of marketing and communication to drive positive societal change by crafting and highlighting narratives that genuinely connect with and uplift individuals.

Picture of Naomi DuBovis

Naomi DuBovis

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Naomi DuBovis is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from the Cronkite School with a minor in music performance. She plans to graduate from Barrett, the Honors College.

Naomi worked on the podcast desk at the State Press and interned at KJZZ, the NPR member station for the Phoenix metropolitan area. She then spent a semester at Cronkite News as a digital reporter covering business, technology and politics. As a journalist, her aim is to shed light on important issues in ways that are understandable to every reader. With a keen interest in topics like media literacy, polarization and free expression, she hopes to prompt constructive discussion among media consumers through her reporting.

She is glad to be part of the Reynolds Center and looks forward to diving deeper into topics relevant to journalists and readers alike.

Meet the

Reynolds Center Creative Team

As the owner and lead designer of Bent Creative, Jon was instrumental in developing, re-designing, and implementing the current Reynolds Center website that was launched in May 2022. Over the past two years, Jon’s creative eye has helped to continuously elevate the front-end user experience and bring the Center’s vision to life. 

Being born right on the cusp of the technological shift of humanity — from no internet to internet everywhere — placed me in a unique spot; by growing up with the new language of technology & learning the common language of business, I’ve made it my mission to bridge the gap for companies trying to make it online. 

Aided by my studies of Industrial Design at Arizona State University, and my years as a product and brand designer for larger companies, I’ve learned what businesses need from their creatives, and I know what businesses need to deliver as an internet-raised consumer. And so I’ve built my business around exactly that. 

Picture of Micah Beverly

Micah Beverly

Chief Technology Officer


While working as a team with Jon at Bent Creative, Micah was instrumental in the back-end development of the Reynolds Center website that was launched in May 2022. Micah’s continued work ensures a streamlined and functioning website with regular upgrades and necessary server maintanence.

Having an endless curiosity for all things tech and science lends to Micah’s genius as the Chief Technology Officer for Bent Creative. When it comes to designing the requirements for website/business functionality, Micah is always two steps ahead of the competition. He finds himself constantly iterating, improving, and seeking out the most streamlined and effective methods for design and development, and then takes his learnings and applies them to our clients’ websites. He’s the reason why our sites are architected with speed, stability, and future-proof forethought.

Isaac was introduced to the Center while working with the Cronkite School on various video projects. He has helped create promotional videos for our annual Barlett and Steele event and assisted with a series of business journalist interviews.

Isaac is an Emmy and Telly award winning content creator. He worked with MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas producing media seen on the marquees of the Vegas strip. He then spent two years as a content creator for the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, and Arizona Rattlers before becoming an adjunct sports videography professor at Arizona State University. Since then, Issac has started his own production company working with a variety of companies including Phoneix Children’s Hospital, Special Olympics Arizona, and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


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