About The Center

The Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism has trained more than 30,000 journalists and educators since it was established in 2003 with the goal of improving the quality of media coverage of business and the economy.

The center offers training in person and online and sponsors a variety of other initiatives, including the national Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Business Journalism, which recognizes the best in business reporting each year, and the annual Reynolds Business Journalism Week, which provides intensive training for journalists and professors interested in developing their business journalism skills.

The center’s National Visiting Business Journalists Program has placed business journalism professionals in journalism programs across the country to encourage the teaching of business journalism. And at the Cronkite School, the center leads a Business Journalism Specialization for students interested in pursuing business journalism careers.

The center’s staff and affiliated faculty offer on-the-ground training seminars and workshops at many of the major journalism organization conferences each year to help reporters be better prepared to cover the economics angle on any beat. A daily blog presents stories ideas and reporting resources, a weekly newsletter offers tips on finding the business angle in the current news, a Business Beat Basics eBook provides expert advice to beat reporters, an email course provides an introduction to covering financials and the center’s website offers a rich selection of training materials. Other training is delivered via podcasts.

The center is headquartered at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and is led by nationally syndicated investment columnist and CNBC anchor Andrew Leckey, who serves as president, and Kristin Gilger, the Cronkite School’s associate dean, who serves as director, in charge of day-to-day operations and strategy.

The Reynolds Center is supported by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, a Las Vegas philanthropic organization founded in 1954. The foundation has provided major support to educational institutions and other nonprofit organizations in the areas of journalism, cardiovascular clinical research and aging and quality of life. The foundation has distributed $1.8 billion in grants since 1994.

Our offerings include:

Story ideas and resources 

Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter or go to businessjournalism.org each weekday to find articles that offer business-related story ideas and tips on how to cover them. You’ll find stories on financials, employment, community business reporting, technology, education, health care and other business beats.

Coverage tips

Our Business Beat Basics eBook is designed for reporters on any beat who want to understand and pursue the money side of stories. And our email course explains how to cover financials. Our videos and podcasts offer practical training for business reporters.

Reynolds Week

Funding from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation brings fellows to Arizona State University each January for a deep dive on money topics.


The Barlett & Steele Awards, named after the Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative team of Don Barlett and Jim Steele, are the gold standard in investigative reporting. The prestigious national awards are given each fall to the best investigative business journalism in the country. Learn more about the application and past winners.


Each year, the Reynolds Center conducts a number of in-person workshops at the major journalism conferences. Check out this year’s offerings here.

In addition, the Reynolds Center:

Offers an online Master of Science in Business Journalism at the Cronkite School, in conjunction with ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. This online degree is the only one of its kind. The Reynolds Center also offers a specialization in business journalism at the undergraduate and graduate level at the Cronkite School, which includes internships, scholarships and assistantships.

Coordinates a network of Reynolds chairs in business journalism at Arizona State University, Washington and Lee University, the University of Missouri and University of Nevada, Reno.

The Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism has trained more than 22,000 people since 2003. Housed at the Cronkite School, the Reynolds Center is funded through grants from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, a Las Vegas philanthropic organization committed to the support of nonprofit organizations and institutions that demonstrate sound financial management, efficient operation, program integrity and an entrepreneurial spirit.