Jobs And Money: Health Care Hiring Is Red Hot

by June 12, 2015

Bloomberg News has some fascinating data in this story about the demand for health care workers.

Essentially, hospitals, clinics and other health care employers can’t hire workers fast enough. Bloomberg says job openings in the healthcare industry soared in April to a new record high in more than 14 years of data, while hiring barely budged.

It’s great news for industry professionals who are seeking work or a pay raise.

There were 910,000 listings in the healthcare industry in April, or almost double the 513,000 who were added to payrolls. That means there were about 1.8 jobs available for every person who was hired.

For story ideas, take a look at job listings in your city or region. Talk to students who are training in health care professions. Local hospital systems can tell you what the hiring situation is like where you are.