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August 2015

DOT steel workers

Five new story angles for Labor Day

Leading up to Labor Day, chances are we’ll see lots of coverage of barbecues, back to school and blowout sales. But don’t forget that Labor Day is about those who

One MLB broadcaster will return, one won’t

Over the weekend, there was news about baseball broadcasters at either end of the country. The Los Angeles Dodgers announced that their legendary sportscaster, Vin Scully, would return in 2016

Why cell phones are fine

We told you about the Pew Research Center study showing that millennials have different attitudes toward mobile devices than older generations. Now, let’s look at why. The main reason millennials

Cell phone attitudes

Millennials may not remember a time before mobile phones, so it isn’t surprising their attitudes toward them are more relaxed than those of other generations. The Pew Research Center released

Why tech giants slipped like everyone else

Technology stocks in companies like Google, Apple, Netflix, Facebook and Amazon took a beating on Monday, along with the rest of the global market. But unlike other sectors of the

MLB Wild Card means big revenue

Six weeks before the regular season ends, Major League Baseball’s postseason is fast approaching. American and National League teams are competing for five playoff spots. Three years ago, just four

How Memphis recovered from de-hubbing

At its peak last decade, Memphis International Airport, a hub for Northwest Airlines, had nonstop service to nearly 100 destinations, with six to international markets. That added up to 300

Tips to cover #BlackMonday stock market turmoil

Stock market watchers are expecting more turbulence Monday after a rocky August. Outside the U.S., China’s markets tumbled as did those in Asia. Markets in France, Germany and the Middle

The new drug used by Jimmy Carter

At an extraordinarily candid news conference, President Jimmy Carter revealed Thursday that the liver cancer for which he was treated earlier this month has spread to his brain. And, he

NASA and Hollywood meet in ‘The Martian’

Astronauts are a perennially popular topic for the movies. Everyone from Tom Hanks to George Clooney and Sandra Bullock have played them. Now, Matt Damon is set to join the

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