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10 labor reporters to follow on Twitter

December 9, 2015

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Check out these 10 labor reporters to get your next story idea about labor, employment or work.

Wages, overtime regulations, paid sick time and paternity leave are hot-button national issues. Labor and employment reporters cover current events and policy changes in Washington related to the workforce, helping keep readers informed. Follow these 10 reporters on Twitter for information and story ideas on the labor beat.

1. Talia Buford

About the reporter: Talia Buford (@taliabuford) writes for the Center for Public Integrity, an investigative journalism nonprofit. Buford covers labor and the environment. She also tweets and retweets the Center’s investigative reporting and engages in many discussions about race, politics and oppression and how these issues relate to people of color, working people and the poor.

2. Lydia DePillis

About the reporter: Washington Post’s Lydia DePillis (@lydiadepillis) reports on labor, business and housing. She covers national issues such as wages and union activities as well as government agencies generating policies affecting employment.

3. Josh Eidelson

About the reporter: Josh Eidelson (@josheidelson) writes for Bloomberg Businessweek and has previously covered labor issues for The Nation and Salon. Employee relations and labor issues at companies including Apple, Amazon, McDonald’s and Walmart are some his more frequent fare, but he reports on and tweets about many labor issues.

4. Steven Greenhouse

About the reporter: Steven Greenhouse (@greenhousenyt) is a veteran New York Times reporter who recently retired from the Times, but Greenhouse still covers labor issues as a freelance contributor for a number of publications. He candidly engages with other media and political talking heads about labor issues on Twitter.

5. Dave Jamieson

About the reporter: Washington D.C.-based Huffington Post reporter Dave Jamieson (@jamieson) covers labor and employment issues for the online publication. Jamieson writes on politics as they pertain to employment issues.

6. Marianne LeVine

About the reporter: Marianne LeVine (@mariann_levine) covers labor issues for Politico’s labor and employment desk. From LeVine you’ll find stories on union moves and campaigns, plus Washington agencies making key labor policy.

7. Cora Lewis

About the reporter: Buzzfeed hired its first labor reporter in April. Cora Lewis (@cora_lew) covers the beat for the online media company. Although Lew uses Twitter almost exclusively to share her stories from Buzzfeed, we found it notable that this site, geared towards millennials, employs a full-time labor reporter.

8. Noam Scheiber

About the reporter: Noam Scheiber (@noamscheiber) covers labor for the New York Times. He is a former senior editor from The New Republic. He reports on all the big labor unions and everyday employment trends, like changing attitudes and policies around paid paternity leave.

9. Cole Stangler

About the reporter: International Business Times reporter Cole Stangler (@ColeStangler) covers labor and employment issues such as workplace safety. He’s covering worker issues at home and abroad for the international publication. He frequently comments on the day’s labor and employment news items on Twitter.

10. Melanie Trottman

About the reporter: Although some of her articles are locked behind the Wall Street Journal’s paywall, Melanie Trottman (@wsjMelanie) is the paper’s labor reporter. Her content on unions and the labor movement is in-depth, and on Twitter she shares with her followers a broad range of news connecting labor to business and the economy.


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