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Planning your summer hiring coverage

May 1, 2019

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It’s not too soon to start planning your coverage of summer hiring or take a pulse on the local job market. Photo via Pexels user Tim Gouw)

With Memorial Day approaching, it’s not too soon to start planning your coverage of summer hiring or take a pulse on the local job market. Are local companies planning to hire more seasonal workers than last year? Why or why not? Who are they hiring? What’s the outlook for 2019 college grads seeking full-time employment?

Hiring tends to heat up over the summer as local pools, golf courses, and recreation centers staff up. Are these employers planning to hire more people than last year? Why or why not? Have state or local rules around minimum wages changed their hiring strategies? Remember that while these workplaces might be the most visible, they aren’t the only game in town. Also consider warehouses, research labs, and other potential employers.

Hiring outlook for recent grads

What are the hot sectors for local grads seeking employment? Who’s hiring and how does this compare to last year? At least one study shows an increase in the number of companies planning to hire international students this year.

How employers attract talent

With low unemployment across the country and workers having more options, some employers are having to get more creative in how they recruit workers. For instance, Taco Bell is hosting ‘hiring parties’ to attract new talent. Are local employers doing something similar? Or do they have other strategies for attracting applicants?

Reporter’s Takeaway on summer hiring

Recruiting firms and outplacement companies may have insights and stats to provide greater context on hiring trends. For instance, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. published a 2019 hiring outlook and another report showing increased turnover amongst CEOs.

Search job listings on sites such as Monster, Indeed, and Career Builder to get a feel for which local employers are hiring and for what kinds of jobs. These sites may have recent data, too.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) publishes studies and statistics on career readiness and the job market. Career counselors at local colleges may be able to share anecdotes on what they’re seeing, too.

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