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January 2020

Roth IRAs expected to get a big boost in 2020

Setting Up Every Community for Retirement Enhancement, or the Secure Act, offers tax advantages for small business owners and many part-time and older workers, as reported here. But the new

How to plan a break from freelance writing

Whether it’s a few weeks off for holiday travel or a month or more of parental leave, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to taking time off from freelancing. Unlike their corporate

Understand the jargon, don’t just repeat it

Covering any beat in journalism means dealing with jargon, which is more than a collection of buzzwords. I remember a professor of biochemistry decades ago saying in class that buzzwords

Crash course Federal Reserve: Part two

The Federal Reserve System, Part Two Tools and Relevance in Reporting This is part two of a series about the Federal Reserve System. You can view part one here. William

Covering business in the era of mass shootings

El Paso. Dayton, Ohio, Virginia Beach. Midland, Texas. Several mass shootings have made headlines this year. Regardless of where you stand on gun control policy, it’s clear that this issue

Two story ideas for covering unemployment

The unemployment rate is one of the major indicators of a country’s healthy economy. There is a great deal of content available about unemployment and its implications in the U.S.

Crash course Federal Reserve: Part one

The Federal Reserve System, Part One History, Purpose and Structure The Federal Reserve System is a quasi-government body that impacts the lives of every citizen each day, yet most people

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