Covering Local Hiring Trends

by May 13, 2020
While millions of Americans are out of work, some industries are still hiring. Photo of a hiring sign by Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash.

The U.S. economy lost over 20 million jobs in April, reports the Labor Department. While millions of Americans have experienced layoffs in the past two months as the Coronavirus pandemic spread across the country, some industries still need talent.

For instance, Denver’s 5280 Magazine reports that some grocery stores, healthcare providers, and some financial services companies are actively hiring. GeekWire reports that some tech companies are also hiring.

Here’s a look at questions to consider as you cover the local job market during the pandemic.

  • What industries and specific companies are hiring in your area? Why is there a need? What skills are required and how much do these jobs pay? How does this differ from the available jobs a few months ago?
  • What opportunities exist for local job seekers to connect with these employers? Are there online job fairs or networking opportunities? What about reskilling opportunities for those who want to acquire new skills in this economy?
  • What do job interviews look like during this time of social distancing? Are local employers hiring employees through phone calls and video chats? Are they interviewing candidates in person while wearing masks?
  • What would readers know about job hiring scams, especially if they’re interviewing remotely? How can they verify that an employer is legit, since some criminals use the name of a reputable company as part of a phishing scam?

Reporter’s Takeaway

Scouting the local classified ads or searching job boards for your geographic area should help give you a feel for who’s hiring and for what roles locally. Also talk to local recruiters or job placement agencies to provide context on hiring trends.