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Accounts to follow for covering health care

June 25, 2020

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Learning to use Tweetdeck can help reporters stay on top of breaking news. (Logo courtesy of Twitter)
These accounts can help decipher even the toughest of health related topics. (Logo courtesy of Twitter)

Even without a pandemic, health and the business of health care are always a hot topic issue. With lots of jargon and ever changing information, it can seem like a lot to tackle even for the most experienced reporter. Luckily, these Twitter accounts break things down so you don’t have to. 

@CDC- Center For Disease Control and Prevention 

The main purpose of the CDC is to “save lives and protect people from health, safety, and security threats.” This government agency is a great place to look to for any updates on medical advancements and infographics for all things health related.

What They Tweet About: Prevention techniques, medical seminars, how health crises can directly affect American citizens. 

@WHO– World Health Organization 

The WHO is an arm of the United Nations dedicated to international public health.  Based in Switzerland, they are constantly tracking both pandemics and epidemics across the globe. They also track any and all health advancements.

What They Tweet About: Media briefings directly from their headquarters, health-related “holidays” and heath disparities.

@JNJNews– Johnson & Johnson News

Even though it may not seem like it, Johnson & Johnson is America’s largest pharmaceutical company. On top of their more familiar products such as baby oil and soap, the company also creates treatments for cancer and develops vaccines. 

What They Tweet About: Partnerships with other companies, short videos explaining how vaccines are made, and studies about healthcare.

@HCAHealthcare– HCA Healthcare

The largest hospital network in the United States, HCA Healthcare currently has facilities in Texas, Tennessee, and other states. In a given year, they serve about 31 million patients.

What They Tweet About: Tips for leading a healthier lifestyle, symptoms of common illnesses, and Q&A’s with hospital staff.

@HHSGov– Health and Human Services 

The Department of Health and Human Services, also known as the Health Department, is a government entity created for “the goal of protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services.” They are in charge of overseeing things like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the FDA, and other welfare agencies. 

What They Tweet About: Important ACA deadlines, explainer video, and statistics on public health. 

@ScienceMag– Science Magazine 

Science Magazine is both a print and online academic journal that is made by the American Association of the Advancement of Science (AAAS) that has been around since 1880. This peer reviewed journal is used by professionals and consumers. 

What They Tweet About: In-depth explainer articles, diagrams about new discoveries in the human body, and some on-the-ground reporting.

@STATNews– STAT News

Created by John W. Henry, the owner of The Boston Globe, STAT News is healthcare reporting with a journalistic edge. 

What They Tweet About: Breaking health care news, and the intersection between current events and the healthcare field. 


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