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March 2021

Write non-fungible articles about non-fungible tokens

The recent hubbub about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has prompted extremely costly speculation, widespread public confusion and — most importantly for business journalists — a wave of barely distinguishable explainers from pretty

Avoiding hypocrisy in business journalism

If you are a business journalist, then you also have the role of critic. Not that you’re being paid to offer your personal opinions about this company, that stock, or

Covering tech

By G. Pascal Zachary – Updated by Yael Grauer Journalism about technology spans a few broad but distinct areas, most of which share a common origin in digital electronics. Once

An introduction to covering banking

By Heather Landy, Mary Fricker and Theo Francis – Updated by Yael Grauer Welcome to one of the most exciting beats in business – at least at the moment. Wall

Localizing a St. Patrick’s Day in transition

The National Retail Federation (NRF) conducts an annual survey in advance of St. Patrick’s Day asking Americans how they plan to celebrate the holiday, and compiles the data into a

Covering post-pandemic tourism: The RV life

While the pandemic has been devastating for most sectors of the economy, businesses that work with recreational vehicles saw rapid growth in 2020. While many businesses in the tourism sector

Covering what’s left of spring training

The Arizona economy yielded a gross domestic product of $350 billion in 2018, 3% of which — $10.5 billion — came from the state’s tourism industry. In turn, 3.5% of

Covering the gig economy after Pfrop 22

The past few years have seen the incredible growth of companies like Uber and Lyft. The foundation of these companies are gig workers. The gig economy is essentially made up

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