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Abdel Jimenez

A journalist with more than four years of experience covering business, immigration, Latino communities and sustainability. At the Chicago Tribune, he reported on a statewide unemployment fraud issue affecting nearly a million Illinois residents, and written about challenges business owners of color face during the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of the work, Abdel approachs each role as a team player with the understanding that stories are best told through people’s anecdotes and some visual component to attract readers.

My Latest Articles

The big business of youth sports

The cost of parenting is pricey, especially if you have kids who play sports. Youth sports in the U.S. tops professional sports leagues like the

Tracking political ads online

Political spending has skyrocketed since the Supreme Court allowed corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money in advertisements. The extent of the Court’s

Helping readers understand fiduciaries

Financial advisors who act in your best interest seems like a no-brainer, right? But there is an ongoing debate on how to regulate the financial service

What to cover in the beverage industry

People are drinking less soda and choosing less sugary alternatives. This new shift in American consumption has caused some headaches for big soda companies. Soda

Covering workers in a robust economy

The rise of automation, coupled with the gig-economy, has left many fearing an automated apocalypse with robots displacing human. The truth is, well, we’re not


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